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Big or Small?

If you consider buying a new car, what are the criteria you keep in mind? It’s the price – the budget you have, the space you need, and most of the men want to be fast, so you consider the maximum speed and the acceleration. Everyone likes of course the good-looking automobile, but the design and the color are a matter of personal taste. Recently many people consider the carbon footprint of the car as a major fact when purchasing vehicle, maybe because usually this means less money for fuel (for the hybrid cars) or the electric bill (the plug-in electric cars).

More factors may come in mind, but more details about this topic at our vehicle comparison page (soon).

Inde Amphibian - Small and Comfortable
Inde Amphibian - Side by Side

Buy Two Small Cars!

If you have a big family you sure need more seats in your car. Usually the first thing in your mind is that you need a station wagon or a big SUV, or minivan. But what if two of your family need a car at the same time? In our busy daily life we often are involved in such situation. And when you already bought the big car, the problem pops up… and you understand that anyway you should buy a second car – usually a smaller one.

Keeping in mind this situation, we should consider as a smarter choice to purchase two compact cars at the very beginning. Maybe you’re thinking about the holidays, when you need to go with all of the family together? Then you just need go with both of the vehicles. The only problem remaining is to change only one habit – to travel all together. Yeah… quite expensive habit.

The Comfort

Many of us believe that the riding comfort of the vehicle depends on how big it is. Actually very small part of this is true. The comfort mostly depends on the wheelbase and the track width, the suspension of the vehicle and its weight.

  • The wheelbase and the track width – the wheelbase is the distance between the centers of the front and the rear wheel axles. The higher the distance – the better the riding comfort is, hence the feeling that the vehicle is larger. The track width of the vehicle is the distance from the center of the tread on the front tires across the width of the vehicle. It determines how stable is the vehicle through cornering – the wider – the better, and this also helps feeling as in a larger vehicle.
  • The suspension is maybe the most important factor in assuring the feeling of comfort. There are many types of suspensions, so we will not going in too deep. The only thing we should mention is that usually a more complicated suspension gives a better comfort, and more expensive it is.
  • The weight – maybe you have noticed that your car feels more comfortable when more people and luggage are loaded. This is because the inertia of the vehicle is greater and this prevents the vertical fluctuations of the vehicle’s body. The active suspensions are resolving these fluctuations, so the weight impact to be insignificant.

The conclusion: with the modern technical solutions, the comfort of a small car is just a matter of the engineering approach and the price, not the size of the vehicle.

Inde - small and affordable