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Hi there!

My name is Ognyan Koralski, I am from Bulgaria (European Union) and I'm gathering a team to create a prototype and organize the manufacturing of this beautiful and practical vehicle.

The goal is to create a real substitute of the ordinary car, but I wanted even more – as near as a free transportation. In addition is the fact that the major part of the humanity has an access to some water basin nearby – a pool, river, sea or ocean. Usually sailing is a fun for the rich people, because the water vessels are pretty expensive. But if we make a car that sails, without much more expenses, we will achieve what we want. So I thought that this is a goal that's worth it. And here we are!

I really hope that you may imagine well the vastness of possibilities, offered by such a vehicle. You may go everywhere! Do it almost without charging electricity. Even exercise through your journey. Your life will become a real fun! Join me in any way that suits you, and I assure you – WE will succeed!

Inde on the run
Prototypes, prototypes...

The Story

Long time ago – in the distant 2008 I watched the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car". I was really inspired and since then I became an EV lover and I was eager to learn everything about the electric cars. Later I learned about the electric bicycle technology and I was impressed by the simplicity and the great potential of such bicycles, trikes and velomobiles. But where my true love laid was the solar powered cars. When I was a child I saw a short report on TV for a solar powered car (maybe at early 80's). It looked amazing – like a spaceship from the future, powered only by the sun! Since then I was waiting for someone to start selling it. And I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting… And no one did it!

Recently I started a long and deep research to discover the reasons for this. I found many attempts from many people to do something, but seems no one did a really good car, capable for production at a larger scale. And I said to myself: "Why should I wait for someone else?". It was a moment I felt how this is what I wanted to bring to the world and into my life. Seems like everything I did before was connected to this giant step.

Now I'm asking you: Do you want it? Are you waiting for this all of your life? Let's start then!